Magic Portals

Magic Portals

Slot machine test: Magic Portal

So mysterious the title magic Portal this online slots as it sounds, he should also be so magical. Actually, here the one or the other spells on the roller may be if the proper symbols in the magical portals. There are two pieces that are on the outer rollers. Once in the slot magic Portal two same symbols in the portals will be conjured up and equipped a range with wilds. Yet the slot has a lot more to offer, because even free spins can be won through the magic portal. Since voltage is announced in each round.

The good graphical implementation and the interesting mechanism comes from the forge by net entertainment and there you knows about good games for online casinos. Magic Portal play online you can also and must register for it online only. That is, for example, the Sportingbet Casino. And if you make a real money deposit, you can watch with some luck, it multiplied in a magical way. If you're on mystical and enchanting settings, then lots of pleasure is can make you magic portal.

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Magic Portal online play

-Fundamentally magic Portal in the construction of other slots. And also the gains come in the same manner, by collecting as same symbols on the payline. Each, one each of these lines covers a field of each roller from left to right so that total paylines with up to five of the same symbols are possible. In theory, multiple paylines can win. The two magical portals, which each can be seen in the middle of the outer rollers are the highlight. There it is beneficial if the same symbol appears in both portals.

Apart from the bonus feature in magic Portal profits will normally calculated according to three factors. It starts with your application, which you can adjust before each spin. Next what magic makes a number of Portal icon and this is how long depends on it. Longer series with valuable symbols of course lead to higher profits. As soon as a win in a round was, it will be displayed directly. Magic portal has five reels and 25 paylines.

Slot game symbols in the magic Portal online slot

The symbols you will find everything that belongs in a magical world. Three Crystal Globes, which can appear relatively often and also thanks to the bonus features of the online slots for good profits make the start. Next follow the Wolf, the OWL and the Dragon. In the same colors, there are still three wizards, which although somewhat grim look, but provide you with good gains.

In addition, there are the wild and free spins symbols. As soon as two free spins symbols in the two magical portals appear, there are ten for you free games. During these rounds, you can earn a theoretically more free spins. The wild appears not just on the reels, but only whenever two of the same symbols in the portals appear. The icon is converted, in this case anywhere on all reels in a game.

Slot machines instructions from magic Portal

To play by magic Portal you need to sign up just in the online game casino. With a deposit, you may also soon play for real money. The slot itself is easy to play, since most automatically expires. You may primarily influence on your usage, adjust this before every shoot. The bonus features are triggered automatically and are easy to understand.

Conclusion to the magic Portal test

The net entertainment slots definitely has its own individual character, what comes through the motifs and the music. Actually quite simple bonus feature has its strengths and magic Portal to a very interesting slot. Every now and again, it will happen that you come so unexpectedly to a wild or even free games. That is not only fun, but can sometimes increase your account.